6 holiday eating tips from a registered dietitian to keep you off the Naughty List

Dec 23 2016, 4:52 am

Laura McCann is a registered dietitian with Loblaws, part of a network of dietitians who provide free services like one-on-one consultations, assisted shopping and recipe ideas at locations across the country. 

‘Tis the season for a few of our favourite things: socializing, drinking and eating.

The combination of these activities – in higher than usual doses – can make looking good for your winter getaway a challenge.

Here are six tips so you can indulge this month without having to make up for it in January.

Eat before you go

Skipping meals before an event can make you one hangry guest. Do yourself, and others, a favour and eat a small snack 1-2 hours before the event. This will reduce your urge to overindulge once you arrive and will help you be your best self at the party.

Dip that chip (or veggie)

That is, in a yogurt or bean-based dip. These protein-based dips help you feel satiated so you don’t eat as much. So go ahead, and dip away!

Use a plate

It’s easy to lose track of how much you’ve consumed when you’re just nibbling here and there. Resist the temptation to socialize near the food table – habitual or absent-minded eating can be a huge source of calories and studies suggest that you’re more likely to compromise on food quality when you’re distracted.

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Choose only your favourites

Holiday gatherings often have an array of food choices. Some are good for you, while some aren’t. Before filling up your plate, browse the selection and choose the options that you will really enjoy – don’t just eat it because it’s there.

Spritz it up

Holiday beverages can be packed with sugar and calories. A single cup of egg nog with rum weighs in at more than 300 calories. Instead, try adding sparkling water to your punch, cocktail or wine. This will reduce the number of calories you take in and help you to stay hydrated.

Finish with fruit

Instead of reaching for sweets, add fruit to your plate first. We often end up grabbing multiple treats just to fill space. Adding fruit will help to fill up your plate and limit the number of high calorie baked goods you choose.

Losing weight consistently ranks among Canada’s top 10 New Years’ resolutions. With a little effort over the holidays, and the tips I’ve just shared with you, it may be one more resolution you can cross off your list.

You can contact Laura at [email protected] to book a free consultation.

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