Opinion: Why leaving your Christmas shopping to last minute is a good idea

Dec 20 2016, 6:49 am

I hate shopping.

I mean, I like Christmas, and all that, but shopping? Hate it. I don’t like shopping for others, and I don’t like shopping for myself.

When I do shop, I go into the store on a mission. Get in, get what I need (or not), and get out. The important part is I get out.

Knowing this, it’s no surprise to people that know me that I do all my Christmas shopping at the last minute. I mean, not the actual last minute on Christmas Day when the malls are closed… But Christmas Eve? Why not?

I’m not ashamed of it. In fact, I’m proud of it. And it has its advantages too.

Here are five reasons to wait until the last minute to do your shopping this year.

1. The malls are quieter

People that have never gone shopping on Christmas Eve have a distorted vision of what it’s like.

It’s not chaotic in the least like it is on December 22 or 23. By December 24, most people are done their Christmas shopping. The malls are filled with guys like me, on a mission.

Easier parking, shorter lines… This can all be yours if you’re just willing to wait.

2. The deals are better



You know all those Boxing Day deals that people go nuts for every year? Guess when stores often begin marking down merchandise?

Retail staff don’t come in on Christmas Day to mark down merchandise and they’re not doing it at 4 am on Boxing Day either. So Christmas Eve shoppers can grab a bargain before the big day.

3. More time

There’s a misconception that last minute shoppers are less thoughtful that those who plan their presents well in advance. But in fact last minute shoppers can be some of the most conscientious people.

Think about it.

People that buy Christmas presents at the last minute have given themselves the most time possible to think of the best idea. I’d say that’s the most thoughtful thing you can do.

4. Deadlines = productivity


Window shopping/iStock

Ever try to buy a present for somebody in early December? You walk around the mall, you maybe think of a good idea, but then go home empty handed.

“I’ve got time,” you say to yourself.

Well, two more weeks go by and then you’re in the malls with the rest of them, no better off, and you’re searching out that same idea you had back in December.

I’m a deadline dealmaker.

Christmas Eve? More like Deadline Day.

On December 24, when the mall closes, that’s it. There’s no more time.

The result? Productivity.

5. Living life on the edge

Planning ahead? BORING!

Live life on the edge.

Will you find a gift in time? Will the store be out of whatever you’re looking for? Can you get to the store’s other location in time?

It’s called excitement, people!

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