There’s a new place to get epic customized plant-based burgers in Canada

Oct 2 2019, 2:58 pm

Isn’t it fantastic that we live in a day and age where people who don’t eat meat no longer have to sit there munching on a salad while all their meat-loving friends guzzle down their hamburgers in front of them?

Dining establishments are evolving, folks.

Beloved fast-food restaurant Harvey’s has recently teamed up with Greenleaf Foods and its brand Lightlife to release the Lightlife Burger (a plant-based burger prepared locally in Canada) at all 292 Harvey’s restaurants across the country.

That’s right: now when customizing your burger at Harvey’s locations, you can select Lightlife’s mouthwatering flame-grilled patty in place of a beef or chicken burger!

Unlike other plant-based burgers you may find on the market, the Lightlife Burger is proud to have no GMOs, soy, or gluten, while containing less saturated fat — and is made with familiar ingredients you know and love, such as beets and pea protein. In total, the 3.5-ounce patty is packed with a whopping 18 grams of plant-based protein. This is a plant-based burger you can trust.

President and CEO of Greenleaf Foods, Dan Curtin says, “The Lightlife Burger is everything you crave from a traditional beef burger but made of plants.”


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You can now enjoy the Lightlife Burger, any way you like it, simply by ordering online through the Harvey’s app or in person at any Harvey’s restaurant.

Dave Colebrook, Chief Operating Officer of Harvey’s Canada says, “Adding the Lightlife Burger to our menu reflects our commitment to quality, Canadian-made products, and provides our guests with more access to healthy and delicious options to make their burger a beautiful thing.”

The new partnership is the perfect opportunity to give Canadians who don’t eat traditional meat more access to foods they can enjoy. What’s more, it gives those who are exploring plant-based options a chance to surprise themselves and try something new (together with Harvey’s existing Veggie Burger).

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