Goro + Gun now has All Day Happy Hour every Saturday

May 26 2017, 8:25 pm

Everyone, listen up, we’ve got some seriously important news that could alter your summer day drinking plans.

Starting Saturday, May 27, Japanese BBQ and noodle spot Goro + Gun is launching its All Day Happy Hour on Saturdays.

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That’s right, all day, meaning you can order from the discounted menu from noon to 9 pm – no more awkward 3 pm meal times to accommodate for slow traffic periods.

This is some pretty exciting stuff considering you can order Nori Shio Chips for $3, Green Bean Goma Ae for $5, and Osaka Handmade Takoyaki for $5.

Goro + Gun_happy hour 3

Osaka Handmade Takoyaki (Photo courtesy of Goro + Gun)

Goro + Gun_happy hour 4

Nori Shio Chips (Photo courtesy of Goro + Gun)

The food looks bomb, but let’s get to the important stuff – the drink deals.

Patrons who head to Goro + Gun for this epic happy hour can order off the $5 beverage menu which includes featured wine, Sapporo, Fukumitsuya Sake, and the Omakase Cocktail.

Goro + Gun_happy hour 2

Green Bean Goma Ae (Photo courtesy of Goro + Gun)

Goro + Gun

Address: #245 – 225 7th Avenue SW (+15 Level, Scotia Centre)
Instagram: @goroandgun