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Google Earth releases timelapse of Fort McMurray over 32 years (VIDEO)

DH Calgary Staff Apr 25, 2019 3:49 pm 1,874

Google Earth Timelapse was first launched in 2013, but just in time for Earth Week 2019, they’re back with an update.

In case you haven’t spent the last five years frantically searching for satellite images of urban and rural development, the program “compiles images of Earth taken from space into an interactive experience, showcasing the ongoing changes of our planet.”

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Basically, a 15-second gif of some 15 million satellite images are used to create about 5 cloud-free images that showcase all the development changes Fort McMurray has seen over the past 32 years. And let’s just say, it has grown up a little bit since the early 80s.

The Timelapse update also includes:

  • New imagery for 2017 and 2018
  • Mobile web (Earth is no longer trapped on your desktop)

Of course, Google Earth Timelapse hasn’t limited itself just to Fort McMurray, as the program allows you to check out the last 35 years of development around the globe.

Start with the video of Fort McMurray below, and then skip to your other favourite cities in the world to see how much they’ve changed too.

And, no, it unfortunately appears that good ol’ YYC has been left out of the Google Earth fun… but that shouldn’t stop us from revelling in a well put-together time lapse of our wonderful (and seriously photogenic) city… so we tracked down something else for you.


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