Glamping 101: Why you should glamp this summer and what to bring

Dec 19 2017, 2:27 am

Glamping is on the rise and at this point, we’re even seeing Bed & Breakfasts following the trend and offering glamping to travelers as an alternative to a bedroom.

You might wonder what you can expect to find inside a glamping tent. Serenity Stay Bed & Breakfast, located right by Gyro beach in Kelowna and a popular vacation destination for Western Canadians, has a glamping tent set up in the backyard. Several of their B&B guests actually prefer glamping over renting a room. Their glamping tent is 170 square feet with 6 foot high ceilings. The tent has a real memory foam bed, night tables, lamps, electricity, WiFi, a mirror and a seating area. It is situated at the edge of their yard, on its own wooden patio overlooking a serene creek. Outside of the tent, there is a seating area on the glamper’s private patio to enjoy the view of the creek.

Jamie Ruvinsky, co-owner of Serenity Stay says, “We wanted to create an experience that had all of the positives of camping without any of the discomforts. Glamping in our yard is an unforgettable, peaceful experience. You’ll be glamping under a beautiful willow tree and sharing your space with ducks, blue heron, eagles, beavers, raccoons and squirrels.” The sounds of nature can’t be heard from inside the house, but while glamping you get to hear and experience nature while relishing in all the comforts of a real bedroom. We definitely recommend glamping with Serenity Stay this summer.

Image credit: Serenity Stay Bed & Breakfast

Image credit: Serenity Stay Bed & Breakfast

Jamie of course allows her glamping guests access to her home. Just like the guests that rent a bedroom at her Bed & Breakfast, the glampers can use the shared bathroom, air-conditioned kitchen, and glampers are also served breakfast in the morning. Even though glamping is priced at a more affordable rate than Serenity Stay’s rooms, that’s not the only reason it has become so popular. Staying in the glamping tent is a truly unique and awesome experience. You can hear the sound of the wind and nearby animals as you fall asleep, and you can feel the wind in away that cracking a window in a bedroom doesn’t compare to.

Although it’s nice when a company like Serenity Stay sets up your glamping tent for you, you can also glamp on your own at your favourite campsite. There are certain glamping essentials you’ll need to know about first, though:

An outdoor survival kit is a great thing to bring along while glamping, and is currently selling a great outdoor survival kit for $39.95.  Escents is a Vancouver-based company unique for selling all-natural products made from essential oils and plant-based ingredients. Their outdoor survival kit is 100% natural and deet-free. It includes an outdoor aroma blend, an outdoor body spray to keep bugs away, an outdoor body balm to soothe sunburns and insect bites (it can even be used as a deodorant) and an outdoor shampoo / body / shave bar which will wash away dirt on your body without causing harm to the outdoor environment you’re in.

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You’ll also need a queen-sized inflatable air mattress so that you have the illusion of a real bed in your tent, and you’ll need to bring the pillows and comforter from your bed at home. Other glamping essentials include warm socks, a laptop so that you can watch movies in bed in your tent, a flannel shirt to sleep in just in case it gets chilly at night, and a lantern.

We hope you try glamping this summer as it truly is an unforgettable experience!