Clean your life up this spring (with the help of these life hacks)

Feb 26 2018, 10:47 pm

Now is the perfect time of year to clear out the clutter and start fresh. While it’s easier said than done, getting rid of a few things and organizing your home can allow for a clear headspace and research shows people with cleaner homes actually live healthier lives.

With these quick and easy organizational hacks, your home will be clutter free in no time, leaving you fresh and energized to take on our (second-most) favourite season of the year!

1. A file folder is your new BFF

You can truly put these anywhere. Stacked in the fridge to add more space for storing food, attached to the inside of a cabinet to hold cleaning supplies; the possibilities of these are endless. You can even store fruit and vegetables and other produce in them.

File Storage/Buzzfeed

File Storage/Buzzfeed

2. Revamp your drawers

There is nothing worse than having drawers full of things you can’t find – especially for things that come in pairs! Why not start by organizing your dresser with the help of shoe boxes? All you have to do is cut the boxes in halves and voila: You’ve created functional drawer dividers for free.

Drawer Organizer / RealSimple 

Drawer Organizer / RealSimple

3. Carry that weight with tension rods

Have you run out of cabinet space? Is your shoe collection bigger than your closet? Tension rods can fix all of these problems. Available through any hardware store, they are a cheap and accessible solution to add space where there just isn’t any left. Put one under the sink to hang all of your spray bottles on. Stagger them in your closet to act as a DIY shoe rack. Or, as pictured from our friend Martha Stwart, run them vertically to separate dishware!

Tension Rod Hack / Martha Stewart

Tension Rod Hack / Martha Stewart

4. Utensil holder as makeup organizer

Why not give the utensil holder another purpose? They can easily fit into a  drawer for an immediate solution to cluttered makeup. Other toiletries, such as cotton balls and makeup wipes can also be stored in them. Plus, once they get all goopy and sticky, you can throw them in the dishwasher!

Kathleen Kamphausen/Cosmopolitan US

Kathleen Kamphausen/ Cosmopolitan US

Or, here’s an idea: Do you have extra ice trays sitting around waiting for summer to get here? Put them to use as eyeshadow or concealer storage.

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Ice cube trays work as eyeshadow organizers/Cosmopolitan US 

Ice cube trays work as eyeshadow organizers/ Cosmopolitan US 

5. Manage your cords using plastic bread tags

Are you getting sick of crawling under your desk or behind your TV to wiggle cords trying to figure out which is for what? Next time you buy a loaf of bread save the plastic tag and use it to label your cords.Genius right?! Makes us wonder why we didn’t think of this so long ago!

Use plastic bread tags/DIY & Crafts 

Use plastic bread tags/ DIY & Crafts


What are you waiting for? Get started. now, and thank us later.