5 simple steps to de-clutter your home like a pro

Jan 15 2018, 8:51 pm

Now that you’ve had time to accept the fact that 2018 is truly here and cannot be stopped, why not embrace a fresh start by finally getting rid of some of the items cluttering your space?

These simple steps will allow you to make 2018 as organized as possible in a process that is easier than you think.

Sian Richards / Chatelaine

1. Is it useful?

The first step to determining if your belongings are still worth your time is to consider how often they are used. If certain things you own are strictly for show or display, then are they still worth keeping around? Admitting to this may be hard, but in the grand scheme of things, why keep something around when you don’t necessarily need to?

2. Does it bring you joy?

Next up is establishing whether or not those items have true meaning within your home. By keeping only what you truly cherish, your space becomes one of relaxation and simplicity. Get rid of that old stack of magazines and start showing off that beautiful piece of art instead. Having purpose to each and every item gives you reason to be proud of what surrounds you.

3. Is it improving your day to day life?

If any of your belongings are not serving the purpose they used to or no longer have a meaningful place in your home, why keep them around? Aside from being somewhat attached to the object, ask yourself what other reasons you may be hanging onto it. Everything you own should a) be purposeful or useful, or b) be appreciated and be meaningful.

4. Could it be donated?

If you feel guilty about giving away furniture and belongings, just imagine what it could do for someone in need. Within Vancouver, you can donate to Habitat for Humanity or the Salvation Army in many locations. Drop off is easy and free, and whatever you aren’t using could mean the world to someone else.

5. Continue the process

Make sure to always be aware of this process the next time you go out shopping. Ask yourself if you really need that new mug or if would only add to your growing (and unnecessary?) collection. Shopping wisely to only fill your home with objects of purpose will save you money and create a space that is relaxing and pleasant to be in.

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