Genie Bouchard is going to Super Bowl LII with that guy from Twitter

Jan 23 2018, 3:34 am

This story is still going.

It’s been nearly 12 months since Genie Bouchard lost a very public Super Bowl bet with a stranger from Twitter.

You know the story. With Atlanta holding a seemingly comfortable lead in the game, an overconfident Genie Bouchard agreed to a bet withย John Goehrke, a university student from Chicago. If the New England Patriots came back to win the game, Genie would agree to go on a date with him.

Tom Brady and the Patriots staged a comeback for the ages, and the Canadian tennis pro kept her word.

The pair got along surprisingly well, not only attending a Brooklyn Nets game together (as part of the bet), but seeing each other again in December in Miami and the Bahamas.

And now, it appears Genie and John will be getting together again. They’re going to this year’sย Super Bowl between the Patriots and Eagles in Minnesota.

This time the matchmaker was the NFL Canada Twitter account…

Genie was feeling nostalgic…

What do you think he said?

Wonder if they’ll make another bet?

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