Fill up now: Gas prices to drop in Alberta, spike in the eastern provinces

Apr 19 2023, 4:39 pm

We love to see that Alberta advantage.

You’ll want to fill up your tank soon because gas prices in Alberta’s major cities are set to go down, according to GasWizard. The site’s price prediction chart shows both Calgary and Edmonton will enjoy a three-cent drop in the price at the pumps on Wednesday.

That’ll put the price of regular gas at $1.43 in Calgary and $1.42 in Edmonton.

Our neighbours to the West in BC will also enjoy a slight dip at the pumps. Vancouver’s gas prices will drop by two cents to $1.91 per litre (still, ouch), and regions in the interior and Okanogan will see a three-cent price drop.

It’s a different story to the East, however, and we are so glad to be in Alberta.

Ottawa and the Greater Toronto Area are set to see a whopping eight-cent price increase on regular gasoline, hitting $1.64 per litre.

Prices will rise by double digits in cities like Peterborough and Sudbury, Ontario. The cost of gasoline is increasing by 10 cents per litre in Sudbury, and Peterborough will see a 12-cent increase in prices. Yikes.

So, fill up your tanks, call your relatives, and remind them that the West is best. šŸ˜‰

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