A sweet new collaboration featuring Friday Sock Co. + Crave Cupcakes

Mar 16 2017, 9:01 pm

As we have seen many times before, when two local businesses come together they always create something that is so thoughtful and unique. This collaboration is no different, as it will have you craving the best cupcakes in YYC, on a daily basis!

This week, two well-known Calgary brands, Crave Cupcakes, and Friday Sock Co., both of which have made their own significant impact in the local community, will be launching a fun new project that has been in the works for just over three months.

You’re probably thinking right now, what could a cupcake shop and a sock designer possibly produce? Mis-matched cupcake socks, of course, featuring two of Crave’s signature cupcakes, Crave-O-Licious and Princess Chocolate.

“A Cupcake shop and sock shop collaboration maybe seems a bit unlikely, but we are both motivated by projects that bring people happiness, and a playful pair of mismatched socks seemed to fit us just perfectly,” says Laura Christensen, Brand Manager and Customer Service Specialist at Crave Cupcakes.

Two very different businesses with a whole lot in common!

Although, they create two very unique products in niche markets, both Crave and Friday share the same passion for their craft and have an entrepreneurial spirit that runs deep within their businesses.

Crave Cupcakes, was started by two sisters, Carolyne McIntyre Jackson and Jodi Willoughby, with their Grandma’s chocolate cake, their mother’s buttercream icing, and their desire to bring their love for all things homemade to the city of Calgary. Six locations and countless flavors later here they are!

Adam Thompson started Friday Sock Co. when he was making his way in the world of sales and felt he needed a passion project to direct his creativity. He designed all the socks, mismatched of course, and sent them to a small family-run manufacturer in Italy. Now Thompson is running the businesses full time with the help of his wife Leanne and their adorable baby Ella.

Image: Courtesy Crave Cupcakes

One pair of socks and two cupcakes later….

The process began on a chilly November day when  Thompson, met with Willoughby and Jackson, along with Crave’s Brand Manager, Laura Christensen.

“I was thrilled when Crave reached out to me to talk about a collaboration,” says Thompson. “Admittedly, I have consumed many of their cupcakes and they have been long-term supporters of what I do as a small business, as I did a pop-up shop at one of their locations last Fathers Day. All in all, the collaboration just seemed like it would compliment both businesses well!”

After much deliberation they agreed upon a colour scheme and design that entailed the Crave-O-Licious cupcake on one sock and the Princess Chocolate one on the other, both cupcakes having a chocolate base. They also took the icing colours and inverted them on the heel and toe, and had “Crave Cupcakes” knit into the bottom of one sock and “Friday Sock Co.” knitted into the other.

“Being a part of this process, including the initial design meeting and receiving updates from the manufacturer in Italy, has given us insight into an industry we didn’t know anything about,” said Christensen. “A glimpse at what goes into designing a pair of socks, which are as appealing to look at as they are to wear, and the thoughtfulness that goes into every stitch has given us an even greater appreciation for the ultra- cool Friday Socks.”

The best part about these socks, is that they are ethically made in Italy and are manufactured using 85% OEKO TEX certified Egyptian Combed Cotton, that features a cotton reinforced heel and toe – the quality here is key. They’re also unisex, so you and your special someone can match, as they fit women’s 5-10 and Men’s 4-8.

Calgary’s small business community is booming, due to fun collaborations such as this one and as a result, our economy is coming around full circle. When you purchase these products, you’re not only supporting the passion of two very special local businesses that have hugely contributed to making Calgary what it is today, but you’re also paving the way for more of these exciting projects to continue happening in the future. Plus, you’re getting a one-of-a-kind, quality product that has been thoughtfully created, which makes them that much more special!

“Collaborating with Crave was a very smooth and natural process,” says Thompson. “ I had been a fan of theirs for a long time already, and since our roots are both in Calgary it made for a very cool project!”

Friday Sock Co. + Crave Cupcakes

Where: All Calgary Crave Cupcakes locations or online through Friday Sock Co

When: Starting Thursday, March 23

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