Dash cam footage shows the carnage of Fort McMurray's wildfires (VIDEO)

Dec 19 2017, 11:26 am

With tens of thousands of people forced out of the city as their homes are destroyed, the situation in Fort McMurray is tragic.

For those of us who aren’t near the carnage, it’s hard to imagine how that might look; however, one person uploaded dash cam footage to YouTube of what appears to be people fleeing the city.


Despite flames practically licking the sides of the road and bits of flaming debris hitting the hoods of cars, there isn’t an inherent panic in the way people are driving – they’re still calm and courteous as they evacuate.

The driver can be heard repeatedly saying “oh my god” as they head into the orange-tinged smoke that’s so dense, it’s impossible to see more than 10 metres ahead.

Watch the series of six videos below:

[youtube id=”uQZxcSRGqlo”]

[youtube id=”PCc1FvZ3g0Q”]

[youtube id=”aC2iPvXAggM”]

[youtube id=”Fym6X-JvEOs”]

[youtube id=”BGZBoaa0-os”]

[youtube id=”f-tfL0wu_80″]

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