The Flames could be getting new alternate jerseys next season

May 19 2018, 7:18 am

When the NHL switched its official jersey supplier from Reebok to Adidas last year, it meant a couple of changes to league-wide fashion.

Every team saw at least a subtle change to their home and away jerseys, with the most obvious difference seen around the collar.

Alternate jerseys across the league were also abolished for one year. The move was obviously money-driven, to spread out the launch of new merchandise for fans to buy – just as they did 10 years earlier when Reebok took over from CCM.

Third jerseys will return to the league next season, with the NHL saying last June that 24 to 26 teams will participate.

When and how those jerseys will be unveiled is still unclear, but every team must get them approved well in advance of the season.

The list of participating teams was leaked by someone on Reddit with an apparent connection to Adidas, and the Calgary Flames were one of them, though there’s no way for us to confirm the authenticity of the leak.

The Flames have had a number of third jerseys throughout the years. They introduced a flaming horse head on a black jersey in 1998. They’ve also gone with retro 1980s jerseys, and most recently introduced a stylized Calgary word-mark on a red jersey for use on their alternates.

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