Calgary to get transit funding from federal budget for Green Line LRT

Mar 22 2017, 9:03 pm

In today’s federal budget announcement, $20.1 billion will be allocated for public transit projects through bilateral agreements with provinces and territories.

Over the next 11 years part of the federal government’s Phase Two commitments, transit projects in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal will receive major funding allocations for their prioritized projects.

In Calgary, Green Line LRT will add 40 kilometres of track to the existing 59-kilometre LRT system, connecting communities between Keystone and Seton to the downtown core.

The federal budget notes that funding allocations were based on a formula that weighted ridership (70%) and population (30%).

Once fully built, it is estimated that between 90,000 and 140,000 passenger trips will be made on this line every day.

In addition, the federal government also reaffirmed its announcement last fall of the creation of an infrastructure bank, which will invest at least $5 billion in public transit systems.