Calgary's Italian food better than in Italy, says Emeril Lagasse

Oct 7 2016, 8:57 pm

Mamma mia! Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse is singing the praises of some of his favourite eats around the world, and Calgary’s Italian food scene gets a major shout-out.

You’ll find the Louisiana-based TV star, restaurateur, and cookbook author offering the mighty high praise in a new interview for Travel + Leisure.

Paris, he says, hasn’t “wowed” him in years, London “is on fire right now,” and he’s loved Ibiza, Madrid, and Quebec (hey, that’s Canada, eh?).

And then there’s this:

“I had one of the best Italian meals ever in Calgary, Canada. I had a better Italian meal in Calgary—nothing but cow pastures!—than some I’ve had in Italy.”


Okay, so ouch with the cow pastures bit–though I guess they don’t call it Cowtown for nothing–but still a lot of respect for Calgary’s very respectable and longstanding legacy as a great spot for Italian eats.

These days Lagasse can be seen in his new Amazon Prime series, Eat the World, but he doesn’t hit up YYC in the show’s initial six episodes. Can we get you back up here for season two, chef?

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