Check out these mouthwatering Japanese noodle bowls

Sep 13 2016, 2:38 pm

Delectable ramen-style noodles, fresh veggies, and chicken or beef – it’s an irresistible combo that’s enough to have you drooling, even before you’ve picked up your chopsticks.

Now you can get a meal just like this, in form of Edo Japan’s Noodlefull Bowls. Only available for a limited time, the bowls use only perfectly grilled Canadian chicken or grade A Canadian beef. It’s all made to order hot on the grill with Edo’s signature Teriyaki sauce.

Take a bite and beyond the tender meat you’ll taste some crunchy premium veggies including fresh snow peas, broccoli, as well as long thick cuts of red bell peppers and carrots.

Edo Japan

Fresh veggies/Edo Japan

Strategically balance your chopsticks to savour yummy ramen-style thin noodles – nice and hot. The skinny noodles are perfect for slurping, containing wheat and eggs.

Edo Japan

Skinny noodles/Edo Japan

Love your veggies? Just order double veggies to get more of the good stuff. If you like your food spicy then just try Edo’s complimentary spicy chilli sauce. For anyone saucy, order an extra scoop of Edo’s famous teriyaki sauce to push the boundaries of tasty. You can also order a boatload of flavourful shrimp to try something different.

Edo Japan’s Noodlefull Bowls are available for a limited time only, so make sure to order yours in person before it’s too late. Find the closest Edo Japan location to map out your route and taste this dish that’s worth a trek of any length.

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