A first look at the soon-to-be-built Edmonton Nordic Spa (RENDERINGS)

May 29 2019, 1:42 pm

Edmonton is about to get some serious relaxation in the form of a brand new Scandinavian spa.

The Edmonton Nordic Spa will be an eight pool, four-season facility that is the brainchild of the group of Edmonton entrepreneurs that were behind the creation of the successful Kananaskis Nordic Spa.

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“This will be a world-class, four-season, destination-worthy facility and we’re confident it will be warmly embraced as a regular health and wellness routine for residents of the city and surrounding area,” said Hank Van Weelden, one of the entrepreneurs behind the project and Managing Partner of Edmonton Nordic Spa, in a release.

“As we’ve been developing plans with our partners over recent months and discussing how our vision for the facility will come to life, one piece that has become very clear is how we’re all 100% committed to Edmonton Nordic Spa looking and feeling exactly like Edmonton. It’s got to have an authentic sense of the city at its core, a signature Edmonton experience. We have always lived and done business here, so this is something that’s really important to us.”

The Edmonton Nordic Spa will offer guests the ability to cycle through their pools of different temperature, a traditional Scandinavian approach to wellness known as hydrotherapy.

edmonton nordic spa

Edmonton Nordic Spa rendering

The design expects to span two acres of land and feature three distinct sections: social, silent, and a group gathering space.

“We are very excited to have the Edmonton Nordic Spa come to our destination,” said Renee Williams, Director International Market Development of Tourism Edmonton, in the release.

“Edmonton Tourism’s reason for being is to promote our incredible destination, the products and experiences within, to visitors all over the world. Unique and breathtaking experiences like the Edmonton Nordic Spa will help our team sell the destination and inspire year-round travel.”

The spa, while currently just a concept for now, would be expected to open by 2020 if fully approved, and the team behind the operation has already released some renderings and a video to show what the facility might look like once its doors are finally opened.

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