Edmonton is the third most trending Airbnb destination in the world

Dec 7 2017, 4:02 am

Airbnb rentals are on the rise, especially in Edmonton.

According to a release from Airbnb, travel statistics were gathered for 2017 and a list of the ten most trending destinations for 2018 was created.

The list has Edmonton, Alberta, as the third most trending Airbnb rental location in the world, with an increase of 284% – though that is still far behind Gangneung, Korea, which sits at first place on the list with an astounding 2175% increase (and no, we didn’t forget a decimal point).

Here’s the full list of the most trending Airbnb destinations.

  1. Gangneung, Korea – 2175%
  2. Bournemouth, UK – 353%
  3. Edmonton, Canada – 284%
  4. Indianapolis, IN – 256%
  5. Da Nang, Vietnam  – 255%
  6. Columbus, OH – 254%
  7. Gazimagusa, Cyprus – 234%
  8. Bilbao, Spain – 234%
  9. Hanoi, Vietnam – 212%
  10. Matinhos, Brazil – 209%

Fernie, BC and Kelowna, BC also saw a significant jump in rentals, with 179% and 170% increases, respectively.

Though Edmonton is the only Canadian city on the top 10 list, that doesn’t mean it’s receiving the most reservations in Canada – that list actually has Toronto at the top when looking at most popular Canadian cities visited:

  1. Toronto
  2. Montreal
  3. Vancouver
  4. Ottawa
  5. Calgary
  6. Edmonton

Canada as a whole also tops the rankings for most popular country, coming ahead of USA, France, Great Britain, Germany, and Australia.

That’s probably something to do with the 76,000 Airbnb hosts located in our home and native land – and we’re sure the beautiful mountains, dense forests, and delicious maple syrup didn’t hurt, either.

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