E-scooters are given official approval to return to Calgary

Jan 19 2021, 10:21 pm

The e-scooters that quickly became a sensation in Calgary are officially granted permission to return for good.

These fun electric scooters were first introduced to Calgary’s streets in October of 2018 as part of a two-year pilot program that ended in October of 2020.

On Monday, January 18, the Calgary city council officially granted approval to see the privately owned e-scooters return, deeming the two-year pilot program a success.

According to the City of Calgary’s project update, there were 1.9 million shared mobility trips and over 200,000 unique users of the e-scooters.

During that two year period, three e-scooter companies — Lime, Bird, and Roll — were allowed to operate in Calgary, deploying a fleet of roughly 2,500 scooters across the city. When the e-scooters return for spring, there will likely be just two companies allowed to operate with 750 scooters each.

The e-scooters proved to be an extremely popular mode of transportation and a fun new activity. There will be a few noticeable changes from the pilot program in how Calgarians can enjoy these scooters. Before, riders had to stay on sidewalks and bike lanes but will now be able to ride on quieter streets without road markings.

With the new rollout of e-scooters, there will also be a new system for fines. So ride accordingly, stay safe, and be responsible.

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