Driver ticketed for going over double the speed limit in 70 km/h zone

May 2 2019, 6:44 pm

There’s being in a hurry, and then there’s this person.

A driver was ticketed in Red Deer, Alberta on April 26 for allegedly going well over double the 70 km/h speed limit.

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At around 10 pm, the driver was clocked in at 146 km/h on 19th Street just west of 30th Avenue, according to a release from Red Deer RCMP.

“There is no justification for driving at twice the posted speed limit – these drivers are putting everyone around them in danger,” said Sergeant Mike Zufferli with the Red Deer RCMP Traffic Unit, in the release.

“Speeding is a serious safety issue, and we continue to work everyday to address it, through enforcement and education.”

The release also noted that just half an hour after the initial driver was ticketed, a second driver received a ticket for going 111 km/h along the same stretch of road.

According to, drivers in Alberta who are caught going 50+ km/h over the speed limit will face six demerit points and a $650 to $2,000 fine, depending on their exact speed.

There is also the potential for a driver’s licence to be suspended if caught going too fast.

…So let’s slow it down a bit, Alberta!

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