How to easily donate your $25 Loblaw gift card to a local food bank

Jan 8 2018, 6:48 pm

This past December, Loblaws admitted to overcharging for the cost of some packaged bread products for more than 14 years.

In an attempt to make up for its wrongdoings, Loblaws announced that it would offer Canadian consumers a free $25 Loblaws gift card.

Starting today (January 8), Canadians are now eligible to register online for their $25 card, with registration staying open until May 8, 2018. And while the gift card is your chance to stock your cupboards, it’s also an opportunity to help those in need.

Rather than using the gift card yourself, you could easily put the $25 towards a good cause and donate it to a local food bank instead.

The card program is “expected to cost between $75 and $150 million depending on customer take-up.”

That’s a lot of dough for those in need.

So if you decide to donate your gift card, remember you must register by May 8. Once you receive it, you can simply drop it off at your nearest food bank.

Below we’ve listed the food banks available in each major Canadian city. If you don’t see a local food bank near your city, click on your city’s name and you’ll be directed to a full list of food banks available in that specific province.


Greater Vancouver Food Bank
Address: 1150 Raymur Avenue
Phone: 604-876-3601

Surrey/North Delta Food Bank
Address: 10732 City Parkway
Phone: 604-581-5443

Richmond Food Bank Society
100-5800 Cedarbridge Way
Phone: 604-271-5609


Calgary Food Bank
Address: 5000 11 Street SE, Calgary
Phone: 403-253-2059

Community Kitchen Program of Calgary
3751 21 Street NE, Calgary
Phone: 403-275-0258


North York Harvest Food Bank
Address: 116 Industry Street, Toronto

Address: 191 New Toronto Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-203-0050

The Mississauga Food Bank
Address: 3121 Universal Drive, Mississauga
Phone: 905-270-5589

Knight’s Table
Address: 287 Glidden Road Unit 4, Brampton
Phone: 905-454-8725

Kerr Street Mission
Address: 485 Kerr Street, Oakville
Phone: 905-845-7485

Caledon Community Services/ The Exchange
Address: 55 Healey Road, Bolton
Phone: 289-966-1715

Aurora Food Pantry
Address: 350 Industrial Parkway South, Aurora
Phone: 905-841-1577

Georgetown Bread Basket
Address: 55 Sinclair Avenue Unit 12,Georgetown
Phone: 905-873-3368

The Salvation Army Khi Community Milton
Address: 820 Nipissing Road, Milton
Phone: 905-875-1022


Accueil Bonneau
Address: 427 East Township, Montreal
Phone: 514-845-3906

Action Centre-Ville
Address: 105 Ontario Street East, Suite 201, Montreal
Phone: 514-878-0847

Mada Center
Address: 6700 Cote des Neiges, Suite 218, Montreal
Phone: 514-342-4969

Mission of the Great Shepherd
Address: 2510 Centre Street, Montreal
Phone: 514-933-9608

Moisson Montreal
Address: 6880, Ch. De la Côte-de-Liesse, Montreal
Phone: 514-344-4494

Multi Caf
3591 Appleton Avenue, Montreal
Phone: 514-733-0554

N.D.G. Food Depot
Address: 2146 Marlowe, Montreal
Phone: 514-483-4680

Share the Warmth
625 Fortune Street, Montreal
Phone: 514-933-5599

Sun Youth
4251 St. Urbain Street, Montreal
Phone: 514-842-1214

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