A world heritage site in Alberta filled with dino bones is a must-see natural wonder (PHOTOS)

Apr 24 2023, 3:58 pm

Alberta is filled with so many incredible natural wonders, but a spot in the province truly transports you to a different time in Earth’s history.

No, it’s not Drumheller. We know that area is world-renowned for its dinosaurs and hoodoos, and who can forget the Royal Tyrrell Museum? But no, this spot is south of there.

We are of course talking about Dinosaur Provincial Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that transports you back to prehistoric times.


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Where is it?

Dinosaur Provincial Park is located 48 km northeast of Brooks and 18 km from the village of Patricia and is approximately two hours southeast of Calgary and four and a half hours southeast of Edmonton.

The closest fuel station is at Brooks or Duchess, so make sure you are decently fuelled up if you wanna drive around and do some exploring.

What’s there?

Okay, okay, dinosaurs first.

It’s chock-full of dino bones, with more than 50 dinosaur species being discovered there. That’s on top of the 450 other fossil organisms that have been found in the park.

The ancient remains give us the world’s most complete record of the late Cretaceous Period, according to Alberta Parks. Learn more when you visit the Dinosaur Visitor Centre.

Oh, there are also prairie rattlesnakes and bull snakes roaming around the park too, in addition to pronghorn antelope, coyotes, and deer.

There are also a handful of trails you can hike in the park, all with spectacular badland views that are open year-round.

You can also paddle, swim and fish in the Red Deer River that runs through the park. The closest upstream access to the Red Deer River is at the Steveville campground, located just off Highway 876, on the west edge of Dinosaur Provincial Park.


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Most of Dinosaur Provincial Park is a natural preserve, so access to this area is restricted to protect the sensitive landscapes and for public safety. Entry to the natural preserve is only by guided tour programs, so Parks Alberta strongly suggests booking one well in advance of your visit.

It’s a neat spot to escape to a landscape that makes you feel like there is no way you are still in the country, let alone Alberta.

So pack up your friends or family and head down to Dinosaur Provincial Park. It’s definitely a bucket list spot to check out in Alberta.

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