Flanders Interchange connecting Calgary's neighbourhoods starting November 1

Sep 22 2016, 11:52 pm

Get ready to celebrate.

Calgary’s going to be more connected than ever thanks its new and refined transportation infrastructure that’s finally opening for public use on November 1.

Canada Lands Company has been working hard with communities and the City of Calgary to build the advanced Flanders Interchange, a $35 million project that launched in September 2015 and is located in southwest Calgary.

Flanders Interchange will benefit Calgary’s southwest neighbourhoods including Currie, a modern community built on the concept of new urbanism – a development approach that focuses on urban design so that all residents’ needs are met.

The new infrastructure will be a part of the community’s metamorphosis into a diverse collection of housing, employment opportunities, green space, retail, dining, and recreational opportunities. This design caters to a diverse collection of people, of varying ages, incomes, backgrounds, and interests.

Once completed, Currie will cover 195 acres of land – which equates to about 148 football fields. At that point in time it will be home to more than 12,000 residents, a safe haven where commuters, residents, and pedestrians can live, work, travel, and play.

Pedestrians and cyclists going over the Crowchild Trail and throughout the community can depend on Flanders Interchange as a safe transportation option. And for children at area schools, safety will also be improved with surrounding communities being protected from cut-through traffic.

The project will improve access to Richard Road, promoting walkability and connectivity between communities. There’s also a new entrance into the Currie area from southbound Crowchild Trail.

Flanders Interchange

Flanders Interchange/Canada Lands Company

Flanders Interchange

Flanders Interchange/Canada Lands Company

For more information, check out Currie on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Note: We had earlier published the interchange to be in “northwest Calgary” which has now been edited to the correct location of “southwest Calgary.”

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