Court issues temporary injunction stopping Uber usage in Calgary

Dec 19 2017, 2:47 am

Uber has attracted plenty of controversy since it first arrived in the city last month. Calgary is still trying to figure out how to make the ridesharing app work and until they do, a judge on Friday, November 20 officially disallowed Uber drivers from providing ride-sharing services in Calgary.

The granted injunction issued by Justice G. H. Poelman will run until a full hearing on December 17. The City named 57 Uber drivers in their court documents that are no longer allowed to provide rides for a fee. The temporary injunction will stay implemented until Uber is able to ensure drivers meet the safety, insurance and regulatory requirements. Since Uber’s launch on October 15, a total of 19 people with 52 offenses operating under Uber have been charged under the bylaw and the Traffic Safety Act. Uber said on Twitter that it is “disappointed” in the Calgary court ruling on Friday, November 20 but hopes are still high for it eventually coming to Calgary.

The city will be continuing to charge Uber drivers and is informing drivers, passengers and the public about the risks of being involved in private ridesharing services.

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