Clearly is giving children a FREE pair of kids’ glasses

Jan 6 2021, 5:22 pm

Eighty per cent of classroom learning is visual, but almost 25% of kids have vision issues.

Now — imagine trying to do that kind of math when you can’t even see the board clearly. That’s where Clearly, the Canadian eyewear company, comes in.

Clearly is not just hoping to provide people with quality eyewear; it has a mission to greatly impact the world while doing so. The company is contributing to the global eyewear industry’s efforts to eliminate uncorrected, poor vision by the year 2050. It hopes to accomplish this through awareness, accessibility, and affordability of eye care.

It’s a lofty goal, but one the brand takes seriously. Clearly has also established a Buy 1 Give 1 Program with the Essilor Vision Foundation to donate over 480,000 glasses worldwide.

Clearly also works with local organizations, such as the Tim Hortons Foundation Camps, to donate prescription eyeglasses, provide UV protective sunglasses, and distribute Vitamin A pills to prevent early onset eye disease in children.

In Canada alone, there are 2.2 million people with uncorrected vision, while 86% of children under the age of six have never even had an eye exam. Just as our children enter the age of education, it seems they’re ill-prepared for it. Clearly wants to equip kids with the necessary tools to live up to — and see — their full potential. They’re able to do so with The Free Glasses for Kids program, as part of Clearly’s wider mission to eradicate poor vision.

Right now, as an exclusive in-store offer, children aged 10 and under will receive a free pair of glasses. Yes, you read that correctly. Book a visit with the newly opened Clearly store at the Chinook Centre and bring in a valid prescription and health card to choose a free pair of glasses.  

For any child who needs a prescription, you can even book an eye exam on-siteMake sure to book ahead because every Clearly store has rigorous safety procedures in place to keep customers safe, per COVID-19 protocols.

With over 20 different pairs of glasses to choose from, kids can pick out a style perfectly suited for them. Clearly has their in-house brand available in classic and exciting colours, like black, fog tortoise, raspberry, and everything in between.

Clearly isn’t just an eyeglasses company with exceptional service and a high quality product, but a business making enormous efforts to help the world see better. The Free Glasses for Kids program is a chance to help the community during these difficult times, and an opportunity not to be missed.

Book a socially distanced appointment with Clearly today to get your free pair of glasses.

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