City of Calgary warns of recent door-to-door ENMAX scams

Jan 21 2020, 5:35 pm

The City of Calgary is warning residents of a recent door-to-door scam.

According to a tweet from the City’s account, reports have been coming in of people pretending to be ENMAX or City of Calgary workers in order to gain access to Calgary homes.

These fake workers are allegedly asking residents to check their water meters on a door-to-door basis — though the city notes that the “standard practice when checking water meters is to arrange an appointment with the resident in advance.”

Those who believe that the person at their door may not be who they say they are can ask the worker to see their City ID, which the tweet states all city employees will carry.

Residents can also call the city’s non-emergency line of 403-266-1234 if they believe that someone is misrepresenting themselves as a city employee.

A release from the City of Calgary included these tips to keep in mind about people who may be coming to your door unsolicited:

  • Any agent (sales person) for a business soliciting “door to door” must have in his/her possession an identification card, which clearly identifies the following:
    • agent’s (sales person’s) name,
    • the business name, address and phone number,
    • the business licence number and
    • the expiry date of the business licence
  • The identification card referred to above must be visible at all times while the business is being carried on and must also present the card immediately on request of a prospective customer or a Licence Inspector.
  • These types of businesses are not permitted to solicit at any dwelling unit between the hours of 9 pm and 9 am.

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