The City of Calgary has reinstalled the prank plaques at Bowmont Park

Oct 8 2020, 4:43 pm

The prank plaques are sticking around Bowmont Park.

Someone decided to install a number of (quite professionally made) plaques on benches throughout the park, heralding made up historical events such as where humans first invented fire in 1903, and the site of the first confirmed UFO sighting in Calgary.

Unfortunately, once the City of Calgary got word of the fun, they decided that the plaques would need to be removed, given that they were, in a way, akin to graffiti.

The public was not exactly pleased with the decision, and many citizens sent messages and left comments for the city on how much they had enjoyed the plaques.

The city listened and on October 7, they announced on social media that the plaques would be reinstalled on benches throughout Bowmont Park.

“As The City, we have to err on the side of caution – but in this case, it was a bit too cautious,” The City of Calgary tweeted.

“Listening to what’s important to Calgarians is part of our job. If we can make changes for a better outcome, that’s what we’ll do.”

The six signs have been placed throughout the park, and the city even challenged Calgarians to try to find all of them on their next nature walk.

The city also noted that anyone hoping to purchase a commemorative or memorial plaque can do so through the Parks Foundation of Calgary. The official plaques cost $4,200 for a 10 year term on a bench, and $4,900 for a picnic table.

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