City trying out extended hours for Stampede tents this year

Jul 5 2019, 1:41 am

Til’ the break of dawn!

Well, maybe not that late, but parties at the Calgary Stampede could be going later than usual this year thanks to a new announcement from the City of Calgary.

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According to a city release, new special function development permits could see the operating hours of some businesses being pushed later into the night (or, really, early morning) after Cowboy’s Music Festival’s application for later hours was approved by the Subdivision and Appeal Board (SDAB) on July 2.

The approval means that the Cowboys tent will be able to play live music until midnight, provide DJ and alcohol service until 2 am, and have the premises vacated by 3 am, according to the release.

“Cultivating a healthy business environment and ensuring Calgary is the best place in Canada to start and grow a business is vital to our work at the City of Calgary and contributes to the city’s economic recovery,” said Richard Hinse, director of the Business and Local Economy Program at the City of Calgary, in the release.

Applications are now open for other special function tents at the Stampede to snag a noise exemption permit, though only businesses that have already been approved to operate a tent will be able to apply.

The applications will be accepted until Friday, July 5, and the city will then consider the location and site context for each before making an expedited, case-by-case decision by 5 pm on Friday, July 5.

“We work successfully with bars and restaurants to maintain acceptable noise levels every Stampede, and throughout the year,” said Chief Bylaw Officer, Ryan Pleckaitas, in the release.

“We will be proactively monitoring noise and activity around these establishments, and can respond to any concerns we receive from citizens.”

Of course, even with an extended noise application permit, the tents will still need to remain under the maximum decibel levels outlined in the City Community Standards bylaw, which currently stand at 65 decibels (dBA) or 85 decibels (dBC), depending on the filter used to measure sound, for outdoor concerts when taken within a residential development.

Failure to comply could land Stampede businesses with a fine of up to $500 — new permit or not.

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