City of Calgary's Twitter account has finally settled the 'Yahoo Vs. Yeehaw' debate

Jul 11 2018, 2:06 am

An age-old question has finally been answered in Calgary: Is it “Yahoo!” or “Yeehaw!”?

The City of Calgary put that question to the ultimate test, and just in time for this year’s Calgary Stampede.

On Monday, July 9, the official City of Calgary Twitter account released a poll asking residents, guests, and random Twitter-users alike to put in their vote as to whether Stampede-goers should be yelling “Yeehaw” or “Yahoo” at one another.

“The Calgary Stampede is well underway and it’s time to settle this debate once and for all: is it ‘Yahoo!’ or ‘Yeehaw!’? ,” the tweet states, prompting the electorate to choose between either “Yahoo!” or “Yahoo!”

The poll was voted on by a total of 864 people, and given that the current population in Calgary is roughly 1.266 million, that means that about 0.00682% of the population was represented in the vote (if all voters were, indeed, from Calgary).

Unsurprisingly, “Yahoo!” came out on top ahead of “Yahoo!” by a percentage spread of 81% to 19%.

Many were taken aback by the tactics that the City of Calgary employed in the poll, stating that “Yeehaw” didn’t quite get a fair shake.

Others were clearly in favour of the eventual winner, and stated so outright.

And, in an unprecedented turn of events, some critics of the poll stated that there should have been a third option for Calgarians to choose during the Stampede festivities: “Yoohoo!”

Whether or not this poll was accurate, honest, and fair is up for debate, though we’re well on board the “Yahoo!” train — let’s just hope future votes are a little more impartial.

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