The City of Calgary has mailed out its 2019 property tax bills

May 27 2019, 9:49 pm

Homeowners of Calgary should keep an eye on their mailbox this week as their 2019 property taxes were sent out by the city on Friday.

A release from the city states that over 520,000 properties (residential or non-residential) were mailed property tax bills on Friday, May 24, meaning that a few piggy banks may need to be smashed over the coming weeks.

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The deadline for payment is on Friday, June 28 this year, with a 7% late payment penalty being applied to any unpaid portion between July 1 and October 1.

An additional penalty of 1% will be added on for the first day of each subsequent month until the taxes have been paid up in full.

However, it should be noted that those Calgarians who are paying monthly through the city’s Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP) will not face the June 28 deadline, and will instead be paying their taxes through monthly installments.

Property owners who are not currently on TIPP can join on the city’s website or by calling 311.

Help is also available to low-income earners, depending on whether or not they meet certain guidelines and criteria, which can be found here.

“Calgary is a dynamic and resilient city and the City of Calgary is committed to our economic recovery to fulfil our common purpose – to make life better every day for citizens, customers, communities and businesses,” the City of Calgary stated on their website.

“We’re working together to continue to find savings and efficiencies to streamline the cost of municipal government and support businesses to start and grow.”

If you’re interested in where, exactly, your property tax dollars are going, you can take a head over to the Calgary’s Property Tax Breakdown page.

A quick look shows that the majority goes towards the provincial education tax, bylaws and public safety, transportation, enabling services, parks, recreation, and culture.

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2019 property tax allocations (City of Calgary)