Beautiful 20-foot tall cherry blossom tree now in Chinook Centre and Market Mall

Apr 21 2017, 9:35 pm

It’s cherry blossom season, and although we don’t get them outside there’s a new indoor installation that will help you embrace spring.

In addition to the interactive LED ‘Garden of Light’ exhibit on the main floor of Chinook Centre near the food court, there is now a 20-foot cherry blossom tree upstairs in Chinook’s new wing and in Market Mall by Safeway.

CF Chinook Centre is one of five floral LED gardens popping up around the country to celebrate spring. Each Garden of Light will be on display until April 28, boasting up to 4,000 LED-lit flowers.

The cherry blossom trees in Market Mall will be up until May 16 and May 17 at Chinook Centre.

Image: Courtesy Chinook Centre

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I can easily say that this has been the best weekend of my life! 😊

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Well this is cool! #led #artinstallation #interactive #gardenoflight

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Cherry Blossom Tree at CF Chinook Centre and Market Mall

When: Now until May 16 and 17

Time: Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm,  Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm

Price: Free

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