What Alberta's chef shortage means for our city's food scene

Jan 29 2020, 7:09 pm

Calgary is a city known for many things: beautiful bike trails, the Stampede, record-breaking winters, and perhaps most importantly, incredible food.

However, did you know that due to the current state of Alberta’s culinary industry, there’s a chef shortage in our city? That’s right. Your favourite steak restaurant, Japanese restaurant, and pizza spot are becoming an endangered species as we speak.

The Government of Alberta named chefs one of the most high-in-demand occupations, with just 6,900 chefs currently employed across the province.

Most Canadians (54%) eat out once a week or more, however, restaurants are struggling to find chefs and cooks to meet the demand.


So, what’s the problem? Our chef shortage issue is complex, and issues to do with¬†overall unemployment rate, seasonal work, as well as the city’s high cost of living are just a few of the factors.

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But there’s one (major) silver lining: there are a LOT of job opportunities for chefs here in Calgary. Because you’ll find a less saturated market here than other cities, if cooking is something that you’re passionate about, Calgary is a city where you can really make your culinary dreams come true.

In fact, according to The Conference Board of Canada, over the next five years, Alberta will require even more skilled workers to offset a projected labour shortage of 49,000 workers, some of which fall in the restaurant industry.

The research revealed that management occupations, which generally require a university degree, will fall short by at least 1,000 workers in fields including food services and accommodation, retail trade, construction, and transportation.

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LaSalle College Vancouver¬†is Canada’s ultimate food-focused educational institution ‚ÄĒ and it’s worth relocating to study there. It gives students hands-on time in the kitchen with industry experts in a state-of-the-art campus in Vancouver.

In just a year or two, students are fully-equipped to go out into the professional cooking world, and alumni have gone on to successful careers in impressive dining rooms and kitchens around the world.

The college is offering Diplomas in Culinary Arts,¬†Baking and Pastry Arts, and¬†Hospitality and Restaurant Business Management. So no matter if you’re passionate about flambeing salmon, julienning carrots, blind baking, or opening the next best restaurant in town, there’s something for everyone interested in food.

If you’re passionate about cooking and are looking to embark on a brand new career in food, now is 100% the time. Don’t delay! Check out the incredible programs at LaSalle College Vancouver today to get started on your exciting culinary career.

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