"Isolation Kitchen": Chef goes viral for creative quarantine cooking (VIDEO)

Dec 3 2020, 6:05 pm

A chef is going viral on TikTok for the inventive ways he’s been cooking in his British Columbian hotel room.

After moving to Canada from England, Jago Randles lived out his 14-day quarantine at the GEC Granville Suites in downtown Vancouver.

Rather than order thousands of dollars worth of room service, the chef used his hotel room’s appliances to make everything from pancakes to salmon.

@jagoscrandlesHotel room cooking pt.1 ##food ##foryou ##fyp ##chef ##cooking♬ original sound – Jago Randles

The first video in the “Isolation Kitchen” series was uploaded on November 21 and has been played more than three million times.

In one clip, Randles uses a clothes iron to make a double bacon cheeseburger. Another sees him steam vegetables in an electric kettle. He even makes a crème brûlée using a tiny whisk.

Going by @jagoscrandles, more than 115,000 people follow Randles’ TikTok account.

@jagoscrandlesHotel room cooking Pt.9 ##food ##foryou ##fyp ##chef ##cooking♬ original sound – Jago Randles

His most-viewed video, which includes clothes iron-grilled chicken, a coffee machine-cooked egg, and electric kettle-steamed asparagus, has been viewed more than nine million times.

Throughout the 12-part series, the chef has poached eggs, grilled kebabs, and reduced mushrooms in wine, all with items found in an average hotel room.

While the utensils may be unorthodox, Randles’ meals are arguably more appetizing than what some people can whip up in a normal kitchen.

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