Report: best and worst cell phone customer care providers in Canada

May 5 2017, 2:50 am

According to the 2017 Canadian Wireless Customer Care Study released by J.D. Power, these are best and worst carriers in the country.

The study measured how Canadians rank their mobile carrier’s performance based on four factors: phone customer service representative (CSR), in-store service, online service, and phone automated response systems (ARS).

Carriers were ranked on a 1,000-point scale and Virgin Mobile came on top with a score of 801. Koodo placed second with 796 points. Meanwhile, Rogers Wireless ranked as the worst provider, with a score of 713, and Bell mobility was just above them with 723.

Virgin Mobile Ranks Highest in Customer Care Satisfaction (J.D. Power)

Virgin Mobile Ranks Highest in Customer Care Satisfaction (J.D. Power)

“Representatives who are empowered to resolve issues on their own, are consistently courteous, and who show that they value the customer’s time are key for increasing the number of customers who feel their care experience was exceptional,” said Peter Cunningham of J.D. Power in a release. “Moving customers into the delighted category can reduce churn, since these customers demonstrate very high levels of loyalty and advocacy.”

The study found that 40% of Canadians value good customer service when choosing their carrier.

Time also matters, as most Canadians are most satisfied when it takes customer service representatives less than five minutes to solve a problem online.

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