7 places to get carrot cake in Calgary

Feb 3 2017, 11:01 pm

By Milena Petrovic

We’re all looking for ways to eat more vegetables. Fact: eating carrot cake can give you 1-3 of your daily vegetable servings—it all simply depends on how many slices you eat.

Here are seven places in Calgary to go to get carrot cake (and boost your veggie intake, of course).

Cake Bake Shoppe

Forget pulling out the small dessert plates and forks—you’ve got to pull out the big plates for this classic, cinnamon spiced mile high whopper of a 24 Carrot cake. It’s best served thickly sliced so it’ll stand on its own.

Address: 11 McKenzie Towne Avenue SE #230
Instagram: @cakebakeshoppe 

Yum Bakery

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This cake is coated in luxe cream cheese icing and sheathed in a sunflower seed and dried apricot mosaic. The moistness factor of this cake is perfection. Side note: it’s all right if you shed a tear after having a taste of it.  

Address: 510 77 Avenue SE
Instagram: @yumbakery (https://www.instagram.com/yumbakery/)

Purple Perk

You’ve got to put on your scarf face for this 3 layer, generously iced with velvety cream cheese decadence carrot cake. It’s baked in-house and weighs at least 10 pounds. Every bite of this cinnamon, all spice and nutmeg-infused cake made with pecans and sweet crushed pineapple, will make you want to buy a full cake for yourself.

Address: 2212 4 Street SW

River Café

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Even though the healthiest part about carrot cake is the name, the Beck’s farm carrot cake’s deluxe presentation makes it look wholesome and even portion-controlled. This fresh carrot cake is layered with dense Fairwinds Farm chèvre cream, drizzled with Fallen Timber mead and garnished with bee pollen along with a couple of slices of fruit.

Address: 25 Prince’s Island
Instagram: @rivercafeyyc

Bank and Baron

This pub that has reclaimed the former Bank of Nova Scotia building, has proven that they are more than just a bar with their carrot cake covered in cream cheese, drizzled in dulce de leche and topped with chantilly with crushed walnuts.

Address: 125 8 Avenue SW
Instagram: @bankandbaron

See also

Amandine Bakery

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This neighbourhood bakery has been supporting the sweet tooth of Calgarians for years. Trust them, they know how to bake a carrot cake. Choose from preordering a whole cake or getting a few tiny squares of it to go instead.

Address: #3 2610 Centre Street NE

Cookie Mama

This freshly baked (and dairy free!) carrot cake is worth pre-ordering. It is made with a touch of pineapple and candied ginger layered with deliciously creamy dairy free vanilla icing.

Address: 1508 14 Street SW
Instagram: @cookiemamayyc