Car chase leads to shots fired and truck crashing into multiple houses, cars

Sep 25 2018, 7:30 pm

A Calgary car chase came to a dangerous conclusion on Monday, and the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team is now investigating.

According to a release from the Calgary Police Service, a stolen pickup truck was spotted in NE Calgary just before midnight on Monday, September 24.

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Police attempted to pull the vehicle over, however, after a confrontation with an officer, the driver of the stolen vehicle crashed the pickup into a CPS car as well as a house on Martindale Cove NE.

It was around this time that a police officer shot their firearm, though the release states that no one is believed to have been hit by the shot.

Even after crashing into a car, a home, and being shot at, the driver of the runaway vehicle managed to flee the area, driving erratically into oncoming traffic. The pickup then crashed into another vehicle but continued on until eventually crashing into another house.

Police dogs were then used to apprehend the suspect, who was taken to hospital with injuries “unrelated to the officer’s discharge of his firearm.”

No one other than the suspect was injured in the multiple crashes, and the officer who discharged his firearm is on a 30-day administrative leave, as per CPS policy.