A Canadian is selling this potato for $1,000 on Facebook Marketplace

Dec 17 2019, 12:45 am

Picture this for one moment.

It’s Christmas morning. A beautiful dusting of snow has blanketed the city, and the sun rises on a crisp, clear day. You and your partner awaken and head over to the Christmas tree to open a modest pile of presents.

They open theirs first. It’s small, but solid. Oddly shaped, yet wrapped with care. With joy they uncover a gorgeous heart-shaped potato.

“How did you know?” They ask, tears streaming down their face. You embrace. Your wallet may be lighter, but your heart has never been more full.

The perfect present for your perfect partner.

“Okay, okay,” you’re probably thinking. “But how do I find such a gift?”

Fear not — exactly what you need is currently available on the Calgary area Facebook Marketplace.


Heart-shaped potato (Naveed John Farivar/Faebook Marketplace)

For a cool $1,000 you can find yourself in the possession of what is described by its seller, Naveed John Farivar, as a “crazy heart-shaped potato.”

Farivar goes on (as if we need more convincing): “You’re never gonna find anything like this. Perfect for Christmas festivities or even a gift for a loved one! Low baller will be ignored. Thanks.”

The post was made over a week ago, according to Facebook, which means that it’s only a matter of time before this steal of a deal gets scooped up — so the clock’s ticking.

Those hoping to reach out to the seller can do so by finding the posting on the “Antiques and Collectibles” section of Facebook Marketplace, or by simply following this link.

Don’t miss out on what will surely be an unforgettable Christmas gift — and hey, it’s cheaper than a Peloton.

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