Canada issues travel advisory for China due to 'arbitrary enforcement of local laws'

Jan 15 2019, 10:40 pm

The Government of Canada has updated its travel advisory for China, saying Canadians are advised to “exercise a high degree of caution in China due to the risk of arbitrary enforcement of local laws.”

“The decision to travel is your choice and you are responsible for your personal safety abroad,” said the Government of Canada.

“We take the safety and security of Canadians abroad very seriously and provide credible and timely information in our Travel Advice to enable you to make well-informed decisions regarding your travel abroad.”

The announcement comes after a Canadian citizen was convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to death on Monday.

This too follows weeks of escalating diplomatic tensions stemming from the arrest of Huawei Technologies’s CFO Wanzhou Meng in Vancouver on December 1.

Thirty-six-year-old Robert Lloyd Schellenberg’s new sentence was handed at an appeals court where prosecutors argued that his original sentence of 15 years was too light.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the matter of Schellenberg’s case is of “extreme concern.”

For a full list of current travel advisories for Canadians, check this list.

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