Canada ranked as one of world's most traffic congested countries: Study

Feb 27 2018, 10:08 pm

Major roads in Canada’s biggest cities seem to be getting increasingly busier. A new report confirms it, we are one of the most traffic congested countries in the world.

The study, conducted by traffic data company Inrix, has ranked Canada in 15th most traffic  congested city across the globe in 2017.

According to Inrix, Canadians are spending an average of 27 hours stuck in traffic.

The study –the largest ever conducted on the subject of traffic congestion –examines the traffic and road congestion in 1036 cities across 38 countries.

Montrealers spend most time in traffic in Canada

According to the Inrix ranking, Montreal has Canada’s worst traffic, as Montrealers spend 50 hours stuck in congestion over the course of 2017.

By comparison, Toronto was the next most congested city in the country, spending 47 hours stuck in traffic.

Vancouver and Calgary ranked lower on the list, spending an average of 29 and 16 hours in traffic over the past year.

Thailand world’s most congested country

The study found that Thailand was the world’s most traffic-congested country, as drivers spent 56 hours of 2017 stuck on the roads.

Indonesia came in second place, with 51 hours.

To get their results, Inrix analyzed 500 Terabytes of data from 300 million different sources covering over 5 million miles of road.

The data used in the 2017 Global Scorecard is the congested or uncongested status of every segment of road for every minute of the day, as used by millions of drivers around the world that rely on Inrix-based traffic services.

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