The top 10 companies Canadians most want to work for right now

Nov 1 2017, 9:09 pm

Tesla, Air Canada, Canada Goose, and Mercedes-Benz Canada are just a few of the hottest companies in Canada.

According to a new study from Indeed, Canada’s #1 job search site, there are 10 companies in Canada gaining serious attention and drew above average job seeker interest in 2017.

“There are a small number of companies that see extraordinary interest from job seekers. These ‘hot’ companies could be seeing above-average traffic due to a number of factors like expansion, new products or increased marketing activity,” said Jodi Kasten, Managing Director at Indeed Canada.

When it comes to online job searching, job seekers are motivated by a number of different factors, which is reflected in the variety of companies on this list.

“These companies are the outliers in their respective industries, with highly attractive job postings to a larger than expected group of hopefuls,” adds Kasten.

The ranking was based on the average amount of job seeker interest for all job titles (at all companies) from April through September 2017.

Using these results, Indeed calculated each company’s “expected” job seeker interest rate based on average rates for all job titles, and applying the average to the mix of job postings for each company (using the top 1500 companies with most job postings on Indeed).

Indeed then calculated the actual click-through rate for all companies, and compared the difference between actual and expected click-through rates.

Tesla Motors came out on top, beating out Google and Mercedez-Benz Canada for the number one spot.

And according to this year’s report, only four Canadian companies are standing out to job seekers, which include Air Canada, SUNWING, Canada Goose and Entertainment One Ltd.

 The 10 ‘hottest’ companies in Canada for 2017

  1. Tesla Motors
  2. Google
  3. Mercedes-Benz Canada
  4. Air Canada
  6. JPMorgan Chase
  7. Canada Goose
  8. Procter & Gamble
  9. Entertainment One Ltd.
  10. Dell
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