There's a new 270-degree ScreenX theatre now showing movies in Calgary

Jan 28 2020, 5:23 pm

You’ve never seen a movie quite like this.

While watching a newly released flick on the big screen is a definite step up from the 32′ you’re used to at home, ScreenX is the next evolution from your usual Cineplex screen.

Adding picture to both sides of the auditorium, ScreenX theatres show 270 degrees of action, keeping your head on a swivel.

We’re not entirely sure how the experience would be for people who happen to be stuck with front row seats, but renderings look quite intense.

ScreenX showings are now available at six theatres throughout Canada, with one happening to be located in Calgary.

Cineplex Odeon Sunridge Spectrum is currently showing Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s Bad Boys in their ScreenX theatre.

ScreenX showings appear to be going for $19.99 regular admission and $13.50 on Tuesdays.

Seniors can enjoy the experience for $16 on non-discount days, and children ages three to 13 can get in for $15.25.

The other ScreenX locations around Canada are at Cineplex Cinemas Queensway, Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver, Cineplex Odeon South Edmonton, Scotiabank Theatre Toronto, and Cineplex Cinemas Yorkdale.

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