Clear and sunny skies on their way to Calgary this weekend

Nov 19 2020, 10:26 pm

It might feel like winter out there, but the snow will hold off for at least this weekend.

The weather in Calgary is looking to be clear, sunny skies for the most part over the next few days, a welcomed relief to the onslaught of snowfall we’ve been seeing throughout the month.

According to the Weather Network’s weekend forecast, Friday evening starts things off with mainly clear skies and a high of -4°C that feels closer to -7°C. That’ll drop down to -6°C (feeling like a chilly -11°C) before the sunshine finally arrives come Saturday morning.

By the afternoon, temperatures will actually reach above freezing to sit at 2°C, though it’ll feel 4 degrees colder in reality.

Saturday night brings another clear night to the tune of -7°C feeling like -12°C, while Sunday shows up with some sunshine and a high of 1°C that, what do you know, actually feels like 1°C.

While there may not be any snowfall in the forecast right now, anyone who has lived in Calgary long enough knows that the weather can be a fickle beast.

So whether there’s a surprise Chinook on the horizon or a blitz snowstorm, keep your eyes to the skies and those mittens handy, Calgary!

Chandler WalterChandler Walter

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