Here's what kind of weather Calgary can expect for the first week of spring

Mar 19 2020, 12:58 pm

It should come as no surprise to Calgarians that the best word to describe the city’s weather for this first week of spring would be “mixed.”

True to this Albertan city’s nature, our first seven days of the brand new season (happy first day of spring, everyone) will run the gauntlet of weather-types by changing overdramatically from day to day.

As anyone with a window knows, this Thursday, March 19 features a few flakes of snow, a high of -9°C that feels a little closer to -16°C, and generally cloudy skies, according to The Weather Network.

Friday will follow up with a sunny high of 3°C and around 12 hours of sunshine (ideal weather for a socially distant stroll through the park, or a beer on the balcony), while Saturday will follow up with a high of 5°C and what is described as “wet flurries.”

The sunshine will return on Sunday with a few clouds in the mix and a high of 3°C, while Monday will be our warmest day of the week with a scorching high of 7°C.


Calgary weather this week (The Weather Network)

Monday will also bring a chance of showers and around 5 cm of snow — which really is par for the course out here in Calgary.

Tuesday takes a dip below freezing with a high of -6°C that feels closer to -11°C,  though only brings about 1 cm of snow with it.

Wednesday hits a high of 0°C with sunny skies, while next Thursday drops us right back down to -4°C.

Calgarians can expect a total of around 7 to 10 cm of snow to fall over the next week, and around 1 mm of rain — though it appears that we’re clear of the -20°C days we’ve been intermittently experiencing over the past few weeks.

Here’s hoping for warmer days and sunnier skies on the horizon.