Calgary weather is going to dive down to -14°C this weekend

Mar 27 2018, 5:10 pm

It looks like the final month of winter has to have one last laugh – even though it’s also the first month of spring.

March will come to a chilly end this weekend, with temperatures plunging down to -14°C on Friday night.

-14°C calgary weather

Calgary weather this week (Environment Canada)

To only add insult to injury, the deep freeze will come after a night and a day of snowfall, which is expected from Thursday to Friday.

It isn’t quite the record low for March 30 (that was set in 1899 at -20.6°C) but it is far too close for comfort… especially seeing as 2004 saw the day’s highest temperature on record, at a balmy 25.4°C.

We’ll hopefully be seeing temperatures reach those scorching heights in the near future, but until then we recommend your hardiest scarves and those pinky-saving mittens.

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