New study says Calgary should take an Aussie approach to Uber taxis

Dec 19 2017, 11:06 am

A new study by the Montreal Economic Institute says Calgary should approach the release of Uber taxis by taking a look at Australian policies. The think tank looks at Sydney and Canberra’s compensation techniques that allow regular taxis and Uber to coexist.

“Like all technology innovations that meet a fundamental need, ride-sharing applications will continue to exist and evolve, in spite of the opposition of certain cities and the taxi industry’s rearguard actions,” reads the study.

“The best way to break through this impasse is to allow competition, and ideally to accompany this reform with a compensation plan for those who find themselves, today, prisoners of an obsolete system.”

The study follows Edmonton’s legalization of Uber at the end of January, making it the first city in Canada to do so. Calgary’s city administration has until February 22 to create a bylaw that will help determine whether Uber becomes a permanent fixture. A coauthor of the study says it’s time to find solutions for the concept, one he considers to be inevitable.

“Today, everyone except for the most determined opponents realizes that this technological innovation is here to stay. Now it’s time to find solutions,” Youcef Msaid, coauthor of the study, said in a media release.

“The goal is both to allow ride-sharing applications to develop and to give taxi drivers the means to adjust and improve the service they offer. The consumer will be the biggest winner.”

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