Calgary 5th most transit-friendly city in Canada

Dec 19 2017, 11:22 am

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Calgary is only the fifth most transit-friendly city in Canada – at least according to its online tax returns.

The data reveals 16.6% of Calgarians filing their tax returns with TurboTax Canada online tax-filing software this year claimed the Public Transit Amount.

That’s way behind the best performing transit takers in the country – Torontonians with 30.9% applying for the Public Transit Amount.

But at least it’s still more than TurboTax’s Canadian average of 10.6%.

Of course, it’s possible that people who file online are more likely to use transit, or that more people claim the amount on TurboTax because they receive a prompt about it.

And it’s unclear how these percentages compare to the actual level of transit options available, or why people decided to take transit at all.

But for a moment, let’s just celebrate that Calgary made it onto the list – and keep riding the C-train!

Top 5 transit-friendly cities in Canada

By percentage of TurboTax users who claimed Public Transit Amount. Data according to TurboTax, as of April 18.

1. Toronto – 30.9%

2. Vancouver – 26.8%

3. Ottawa – 21.9%

4. Edmonton – 17.4%

5. Calgary – 16.6%


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