Calgary to see 15°C temperature drop and 5 cm of snow by weekend

Mar 2 2020, 10:30 am

Warm weather is finally on its way to Calgary.

And we don’t mean “warm” in the just-not-freezing sense, either; we mean that the city will actually see some sunny days bordering on the double digits this week.

Though that hint of spring won’t last long, as the city also has a significant temperature drop in the forecast as well, according to The Weather Network —  but we’ll get to that.

To kick things off this week, Calgarians will be able to enjoy a relatively mild Monday, with high of 7°C, a mix of sun and clouds, and a night clocking in at about 0°C.

Tuesday follows suit with more sunshine and a high of 8°C, though Wednesday will see a foreshadowing dip down to a high of just 3°C.

Still, we spring back up on Thursday and Friday with highs of 7°C and 10°C respectively, marking one of the first times this year that Calgary will enjoy temperatures in the double digits.

temperature drop

Calgary weather this week (The Weather Network)

But the higher we fly, the farther we have to fall, as Saturday will see a 15°C temperature drop with a high of just -5°C.

Tack on around 5 cm of snowfall, and this weekend is looking to send us straight back to the colder, bleaker parts of winter.

The freeze won’t last for long, however, as Sunday will “warm” up to a high of -4°C, while Monday will bring us back above freezing to highs of 2°C.

It’s definitely not the same bone-chilling, frostbite-inducing cold we experienced at the tail-end of last year, but we’d definitely recommend rescheduling that picnic/patio brunch that you may start dreaming of during Friday’s warm-spell.

We’re sure that sunny skies and warm weekends are right around the corner.

(Fingers crossed.)