12 cocktails to try during the Calgary Stampede

Jul 12 2016, 11:46 pm

Whether you’re drinking to kick off your Stampede experience for the day and/or night, or just there to drink in the sights, there are a few standout options during Calgary’s most exciting time of year.

From caffeinated jolts sure to make you kick up your heels, to slushy beer-based drinks to quench your thirst, and sophisticated sippers, here is where you’ll find some great Calgary Stampede cocktails.

Bar C

Bar C Food & Drink has an impressive menu of Stampede cocktails, all showcasing the terrific local spirits from Eau Claire Distillery, embracing all sorts of flavours and vibes. Here’s their list:

  • Wild Rose Strong – Eau Claire Gin, St Germaine, Cocchi Americano with Journey Raspberry Rosehip Shrub.
  • Urban Cowboy – Eau Claire Equinox, Grand Marnier, lime, Journey Lemongrass Thai Shrub and green tea.
  • Bull Riders BBQ Caesar – Eau Claire Vodka, Jägermeister, lime, pepperoncini and chipotle. Topped with pickled vegetables and a bbq boar rib.
  • Heavy Horse – Eau Claire Gin Rummy, Kraken spiced rum, Grizzly Paw Root Beer and a cloud of cotton candy.
  • Pink Parts – Luxardo Cherry, Fireball, Eau Claire Gin and Moscatel de Setubál are shaken with citrus and egg white and topped with soda.
  • Snickers O.F. – A heap of Maker’s Mark is splashed up with Frangelico, Eau Claire Gin Rummy, caramel and Aztec chocolate bitters.

Wildhorse Saloon Tent

Head to the Wildhorse Saloon Tent where Double Zero Pizza‘s infamous Shaft cocktail is making a Stampede appearance. It’s 1 ounce of Kahlúa, espresso, and skimmed milk.

Last Best Brewing

Want to take your coffee plus booze enjoyment to the next level? Last Best Brewing is doing a Campfire Shaft, which is made with smoked coffee, Cazadores reposado tequila, Frangelico, Kahlúa, Last Best’s There Will Be Porter beer, a heavy cream float, and a coffee grounds and cinnamon garnish.


Photos courtesy Proof

Photos courtesy Proof

Jeff Savage, head bartender at Proof YYC, has teamed up with Wyborowa vodka to create Stampede-inspired cocktails that aren’t on the menu, but could certainly be made by request. If you’re feeling brave enough to try your hand and these drinks at home, the recipes will be on the Wybrorowa Facebook page.

  • Stampede Root Beer – this easy and delicious drink brings is inspired by the ever-present barrels on the fairgrounds and is sure to bring back some childhood memories.
  • Pineapple Whip Fizz – a throw-back to The Dole Pineapple Whip, this classic-style drink brings a touch of elegance to the Stampede by being light and fluffy.
  • Fairground Cobbler – designed to beat the heat, the juiciness of the cocktail is instantly refreshing. Plus, the citrusy maple flavours cut through the rich, fried foods found on this year’s Stampede menu.

National on 8th

Beer cocktails made with Wild Rose beer are on the menu at National on 8th for Stampede, best enjoyed (weather permitting!) on their rooftop, for peak Stampede-ing.

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