Calgary was just given a shoutout from the International Space Station

Jan 8 2020, 6:40 pm

Now ain’t that a pretty sight.

Those with houses on Scotsman’s Hill may think they have quite the view of the city, and many a pretty picture had been taken shortly after a YYC takeoff — but no views are quite as all-encompassing as that from the International Space Station.

Floating 408 km up — that’s 2,136.1 Calgary Towers, by the way — the ISS has a seriously stunning view of the world and the cities that mark it with shining lights… on clear days, that is.

One of the ISS’ current inhabitants, astronaut Jessica Meir, recently caught sight of our city from space and decided to snap a photo to share with those of us who happen to be stuck on the ground.

“This Alberta, Canada city may trigger Stampede memories for some, but to me it’s the gateway to Banff mountains, skiing, and gorgeous Lake Louise,” she wrote in the January 6 tweet.

“Reminiscing about snowy ski-filled chateau times. Goodnight Calgary! #GoodnightFromSpace”

Just take a look for yourself at this stunning sight:

Chandler WalterChandler Walter

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