Free rent offered as move-in incentive at these Calgary properties

Jan 28 2021, 3:50 pm

Landlords and property managers in Calgary are increasingly offering rental incentives to entice prospective tenants.

According to, the COVID-19 pandemic has created an uptick in available rental units and a decrease in demand.

Driving factors include a stall in immigration, students not being around to rent, and people working from home leaving city centres to get more space for their money.

Some people aren’t moving during the pandemic to save money, and lower-income earners are finding cheaper rentals or moving back in with their families.

Since the border to the US has been closed since March 2020, many short-term rentals have been turned into long-term rentals as well.

In Calgary, rental incentives are being offered not just for new builds, but for older units and townhouses as well, notes.

They say incentives could continue to be offered through 2022, depending on how quickly vaccines are distributed and how quickly rental demand can catch up to supply.

If you’re looking to move, here are some Calgary rentals offering incentives, according to

824 13 Avenue SW

Calgary rental

  • Free January prorate
  • Free rent for February

1800 4 St SW

Calgary rentals

  • Get Free January Prorate
  • Pay only half months rent for February, March, and April

620 10 Avenue SW

Calgary rentals

  • Up to two months free rent and no pet fee
  • Save $500 if you don’t need a parking stall

609 8th Street SW

Calgary rentals

  • One month free
  • No pet fee
  • Early move-in

1515 12th Street SW

Calgary rentals

  • One Month free
  • No pet fee
  • $399 security deposit

104 MacKenzie Way SW

Calgary rentals

  • Move-in now and don’t pay until March 1st
  • Get February 2022 free

1235 11th Avenue SW

Calgary rentals

  • One month free rent
  • Free Telus cable and free internet for one year

1215 5 St SW

Calgary rentals

  • Two months free rent on an 18-month term, one-month free rent on a 12-month term
  • No pet fees
  • Free early move-in
  • 25% discount on Telus home services

650 Meredith Road NE

Calgary rentals

  • Refer a friend and get a $250 rental credit
  • Free early move in after the 15

655 Centre Street SW

Calgary rentals

    • Sign a one year lease before March 1 and receive up to six months at half rent, a Sonos One SL Speaker, and parking included on select suites

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